Bachelor of Naturopathy (full time payment plan)

£294 / month for 18 months

The full time course will be delivered online, two modules at a time.  Two bridging courses are also included, Health Sciences, Foundations and Chemistry, Foundations, to set students up for success.  You will be required to pass each pair of modules, before advancing to the next.



This payment option is designed for students who would like to stagger their payments, without limiting their capacity to complete the course full time.  The monthly fee will be charged for 18 months.

The Iconic Health Academy Bachelor of Naturopathy is designed to be completed over 3 years; it is offered in a full time format, which is delivered over 18 months, and a part time format, which is delivered over 36 months.

To ensure currency of information, students are required to complete their studies within 6 years.

This payment plan will not increase for the duration of your payment plan, as long as your regular payments are maintained.  If your payments are not met as and when due, your payment plan would revert to the current fee structure.

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