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Payment Options

Students have flexible payment options, including upfront payment, full time and part time payment plans.

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Please contact us if you need any other information, or more questions answered.

Online courses are best suited to people who can manage their time, to achieve their objectives.

Iconic Health Academy has designed its courses to support online learning, with many ‘practice’ opportunities, which help promote deep learning.

We deliver all of your course work online, so you will need access to a computer and the internet.

You can login to your courses from anywhere in the world.

There are no prerequisites, and all of our Career Courses assume that you have no previous learning in this field.

Bachelor courses do include bridging courses in Health Sciences and Chemistry to help set you up for success.

The courses are written in English, and an IELTS score of 5.5 is considered essential for most of Iconic Health Academy’s Career Courses.

An IELTS core of 6.5 is required for Iconic Health Academy’s Bachelor level Career Courses.

Iconic Health Academy encourages students to undertake one Career Course at a time.

Our Bachelor level courses have a common first year, and students can change their major pathway at any time prior to delivery of ALL first year modules. The first change is free of management fees, however if a second change is required a fee will be payable.  Students cannot change their Bachelor course after second year subjects have been delivered.

Get in touch with us immediately to manually make your payment.  If an agreed payment plan is not maintained, your ongoing fees will revert to latest, current fees.

Iconic Health Academy’s courses are easy to learn.

You can practice multiple choice questions as much as you like to learn new information and ideas.

The bachelor level courses include bridging units to help set you up to succeed.

Just hang in there!

We also have support for our students, to encourage and assist you in your studies.

Iconic Health Academy allows fast completion of its Career Courses.  However, some students need more time to complete and manage their lives.  Flexibility is essential!

However, the field of natural health is growing rapidly, so balance is needed. Your studies need to be up to date.  Think about how things changed in 2020!  It is a different world now, with new needs and priorities.

Iconic Health Academy offers up to 6 years to complete a Bachelor or Advanced Diploma level course. Diploma courses are open for 2 years, and Certificate courses are open for 1 year.

So you can take your time, but there is a limit.

Professional recognition is very important, because it allows a graduate to practice and obtain professional business insurances.

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) have approved Iconic Health Academy’s Career Courses. As a result, the IICT will recognise your completed course, so you can work in many countries.  IICT provides professional membership and insurance options to graduates.

Our Career Courses are based on (equivalent to) international education standards.  Certificate courses are level 4, while Diploma courses are level 5.  Advanced Diploma courses are more advanced, level 6. Bachelor Degree courses are more advanced again, level 7.

Students who don’t want to continue a Career Course can apply for a refund of fees paid.

A student is eligible for a 25% refund, on the proviso that less than 50% of the course has been delivered. If a student wants a refund, the application must be made before this condition is met. Once 50% of the course has been delivered, a refund is not available.

No refunds are available for general interest courses.

Application fees are not refundable.  If a student’s application is successful, the application fee which apply to the fees for the course.

There are no hidden fees!  Iconic Health Academy will recommend the purchase of books, equipment and online apps for your personal use. However you won’t need to buy anything else in order to graduate.

Once you enrol, the Career Course fees are set. They will not increase during your course. Naturally, we will expect you to continue to meet your payment plan if you have one.

NB: Students may be required to complete a Senior First Aid Certificate, which is not offered by Iconic Health Academy, prior to commencing their supervised clinic elements.  Please refer to the ‘Rules of Progression’ to identify this requirement.

You will save money by choosing to study at Iconic Health Academy. Our fees are reasonable, because we only teach online. Iconic Health Academy uses modern technology to provide flexible learning. We save money, so our students save money too.

Iconic Health Academy’s vision is to promote learning without it costing you the earth!

Self paced study allows you to study at your own pace and time, so you can best manage your life.

You will receive your course material monthly, for you to work through at your own speed.

Full time students will receive two modules per month, so they can complete their course at the fastest rate. Part time students will receive one module per month, to give them more flexibility to complete and pay for their chosen course.

Students will be treated equally in terms of time permitted to complete, irrespective of their chosen payment plan.

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