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Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage Reflexology Massage, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medicine technique in which massaging, stroking, squeezing, pressing, rubbing, and pushing on very specific areas of the feet, hands, and ears is applied to promote or stimulate beneficial effects in other corresponding remote parts of the body such as the vital internal organs

Using Aromatherapy During Pregnancy and Birth

Using Aromatherapy During Pregnancy and Birth The use of essential oils in aromatherapy has been utilised for centuries. Frankincense and Myrrh were noted in biblical times as heavily beneficial meditation fragrances. It is well-known that using essential oils can help alleviate many of the aches and pains that come with the day’s stress and anxiety.

Three Ways Yoga Can Benefit The Businessperson

How Yoga Can Benefit The Businessperson The lot of a modern businessman is a stressful one and there is always so much to do. It would take a compelling set of reasons to convince a successful businessman (or even an unsuccessful one) to add another task to an already packed schedule, so why would he

Lifelong Learning: Fueling Your Personal And Professional Growth

Lifelong Learning: Fueling Your Personal And Professional Growth Life is about growth, and one aspect of both personal and professional growth is learning, and it’s a lifelong journey. This lifelong learning journey is necessary to unlock the growth you’re looking to achieve in life, whether your focus is on your personal self or your professional

Understanding Chiropractic Therapy: Myths and Facts

Understanding Chiropractic Therapy: Myths and Facts   Chiropractic Therapy: For the most part, chiropractic therapy focuses on the hard tissues such as the spine and other joints for adjusting and realignment. Chiropractors have some training in massage techniques but that is never their first and foremost priority. Chiropractors are authorised to make medical diagnosis, order

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Massage Therapy is just one option from a wide array of other very effective and closely related options, such as Acupressure, Body Work, Manipulative Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Structural Integration, Alternative Medical Systems, Mind-Body Intervention, Biologically Based Therapy, Energy Therapy, Shiatsu and Tui Na.  And all these as a group come under the

Why You Need To Prioritise Natural Health

Prioritising natural health offers numerous benefits that contribute to overall well-being and quality of life.  Here are several reasons why you should consider making natural health a priority: Holistic Approach:   Natural health focuses on treating the whole person. It considers physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health. This holistic approach addresses underlying imbalances and

Benefits Of Taking Bachelor Of Naturopathy

Studying for a Bachelor of Naturopathy offers a range of benefits, providing students with valuable knowledge and skills in natural health and holistic healing practices.   Here are some of the key benefits:  Holistic Health Education:   A Bachelor of Naturopathy program offers comprehensive education in holistic health. It focuses on the interconnectedness of the body, mind,

Awesome Benefits Of Taking Online Health Courses

Studying online health courses offers a multitude of benefits that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of learners.  Here are some key advantages of taking online health courses: Flexibility:  Online health courses provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. Learners have the freedom to access course materials and participate in activities at their